Our team consists of a group of experienced engineers in design and execution add to a group of surveyors, technicians and operators, we all meet in the goal of getting a high quality projects and engineering achievements do the intended purpose of it and offers benefit to maintain cities environments and the safety of its population.


Our strategy is the constant search for creativity and achieves the difficult and complex with high risk projects because this is our way to compete with the foreign companies, and that's why we are always keen to hire a competent staff and provide the best equipment and devices in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering projects.


Our company has a wide range of hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, Well-Point systems and shoring systems as well as the latest engineering and surveying equipment.

Welcome to Our Company!

Since 2004, Al-Sharkia company had worked so hard to participate in building the infrastructure of Iraq.

Many projects have been executed and implemented around Iraq specially in Mesopotamia area by qualified team of engineers.

We Al-Sharkia company aspire to have a role in the reconstruction of Iraq in the field of civil engineering, especially in the fields of infrastructure projects (water and sewer networks) including pumping stations, water treatment stations, mechanical and electrical systems, for what these projects have of impact on in maintaining a clean environment in Iraqi's cities and maintain our water from pollution causes.